Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello, My Pretties!

A couple of weeks ago, I got really excited for spring to get here and decided to start some plants from seed indoors early, rather than heading to the garden centre right before planting in the spring the way we usually do. Since I never tried it before, I wasn't sure how well it would work out.

The plants did really well. It's only been two weeks, and all except a couple of pods of them have germinated. I've taken the top off of the little plastic greenhouse so that no fungus develops with all the moisture that was in there.

The zucchini and green beans have really taken off. The other plants are a bit slower to grow, especially the flowers, but they're not doing too badly. The zucchini and green beans were doing so well that I actually had to repot them, because their roots were invading the other pods.

I realized that I was out of potting soil, so I had to improvise and mixed what little potting soil I had with some Perlite and sphagnum moss. 

The zucchini were pretty tilted from leaning towards the sun. I had rotated the greenhouse, but I guess not quite enough! I used some straws and twist ties to give them some support so they'd grow straight.

I'll add more potting soil to the pots this weekend (you can see that the bean pots are still a little empty), and will probably repot the pods of the other plants that are getting bigger, like the cucumbers. I was kind of worried at first that the plants wouldn't grow, and now I'm worried they'll be too big when it's time to plant them! I'll just have to make sure that I get containers that are big enough so they don't get root bound before we can put them in the ground. We are thinking about leaving the tomatoes in big containers, because our patio gets most of the backyard's sun, so they may live in pots for the summer anyway. I can't wait to get out there and grow some delicious veggies!


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  1. Wonderful!! I was thinking of doing this too, but was a bit fearful!! But ... I think I may just give it a try now!! especially with this summer like weather we've been having here in northern IL!! Thanks!
    :) Christy

  2. You totally should! It was so easy and it cost way less than buying this many plants from the garden centre.


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