Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

I am always looking for quick and easy recipes, especially for dinner on the weeknights. I came across a recipe for slow cooker buffalo chicken sandwiches on My Kitchen Apron and we decided to try it for dinner last night. Since we were home for the holiday yesterday, I was able to keep an eye on the slow cooker. We made a smaller batch than the original recipe called for, since it was only for the two of us. This recipe won't be very exact, because I pretty much eyeballed all of it.

I put two frozen chicken breasts in the slow cooker and covered them with a quarter of the big 680 mL bottle of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce and a drizzle of Kraft Rancher's Choice dressing. The original recipe called for a packet of ranch dressing powder, but I couldn't find any.

I cooked the chicken on high for three and a half hours. By then, it was tender and I pulled it apart with a couple of forks and added some more Red Hot and dressing to make it more moist. All in all, I probably used about a third of the bottle of Red Hot. Keep in mind that I was using the big bottle of Red Hot. If you get the normal size, you may need to use the whole thing.

I left it to cook on high for another hour, then mixed it up and served it on toasted buns with some homemade fries.

It came out pretty tasty. It was a little dry, but mostly because I was too afraid of putting too much Red Hot in the chicken, even though I wanted to keep it moist. I'm crazy about spicy food, but my husband's tolerance isn't as high, and I was afraid it would be too hot. It did have some good kick to it, even with the amount of sauce I put in, so I think the next time I make it, I'll put in some chicken broth to add some moisture without having to add more spice.

It was so convenient. I love that I didn't have to even thaw the chicken before making it. The recipe on My Kitchen Apron calls for the frozen chicken to be cooked on low for six or seven hours, but that makes me a bit nervous since I have heard that you shouldn't cook frozen chicken on low because of the risk of salmonella. The next time I make it, I'll either just wait for a day that I'm home all day and do it the same way I did today, or I'll thaw the chicken first and brown it before leaving it on low for the work day.

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