Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puppy Love

We have a one and a half year-old miniature schnauzer named Oscar. I love him to bits. He's a smart little guy and is good at tricks. Since he's smart, he can be a bit stubborn too - he gets ideas of his own and sometimes decides not to listen to us, especially if he's outside and sees a bird, squirrel, rabbit, or another dog. He loves chewing things, especially things he's not allowed to have, like tissues, paper or socks, which is why we buy him loads of chew toys.

He's super cute, though, which usually keeps us from staying mad at him for more than a minute or two. He's gotten calmer as he's gotten a bit older, which is good. He used to be a little ball of energy and only had two settings: crazy and asleep. Now he'll relax with us and even nap every once in a while.

We keep him in an exercise pen during the day because otherwise he'll eat the house (seriously - last time we left him out with another dog that we were dog-sitting, even though we cleared everything out of the room so nothing would be destroyed, Oscar ate our baseboards). Lately he's started going into the pen on his own just to lie in the sun. I just love this little guy!

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