Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, Canada...

I love Canada. There are so many wonderful, beautiful things about this country that I would never want to give up to live somewhere else. However, on days like yesterday when we got a winter storm warning, and today when it's still super windy, snowy and cold, I wonder why I don't live somewhere where they only see snow on TV. Even the dog barely knows what to do with himself when there's this much snow out there.

The worst part of it is that it's been pretty balmy (relatively speaking) for the last couple of days. Snow was melting and even though it is February, I was starting to think about spring. Mother Nature showed me the error of my ways. It might look kind of pretty when you're gazing out at it from inside your warm, cozy house, but try driving in this stuff. It's chaos. Mayhem. Utter ridiculousness.

I'm going to try to console myself by buying some perennial seeds today to start indoors to get them ready to put in the garden in the spring. I'll also have to make some tea or hot chocolate...and lots of it.

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